Oku's LifeStyle ( Artist Statement)

Being creative is 
like a religion of which I believe in. The ability to continually search for
new meaning of expression from different media and medium has been a great propelling force right from childhood - first it was mere observing and appreciating, Later developed into drawing and painting on virtually any surface and now, it is all encompassing because an inner meaning beyond the ordinary must be revealed. These i call Art (A true Form of expression)
Over the years, my art form has metamorphosed into stylistic representation to semi or complete abstract expression, of which presently, tactile effects and vibrant use of colours has been of great importance to me. This method and material expect of my art which is commonly referred to as mixed media is quite a challenging area that involves the fusion of several aspect of art into one single entity.
Worthy of note in these very important area of expression are these personalities I drew much inspiration and admiration.                                                                                 
Nsikak Essien and Ndidid Dike, who are astute professionals in their own rights and taking mixed media into a limitless boundaries in their exploits of various material in the execution of astonishing masterpieces.
I was born and breed in the oil rich region of Delta State in Nigeria (Sapele precisely) where I had my Primary and Secondary Education before proceeding to the prestigious Federal Polytechnic to obtain my ordinary and Higher National Diploma in Art and painting respectively in 1994 1997. I was an Art teacher with international school in sapele and have also worked with a number of artists ranging from Andy Ifie of (masters Creation), preston Kubeinge (700 and preston ) ,Omene Paul (art house ) etc these background has been a foundation that my art exploit is based upon. Art has been an aspect of my life that gives me so much joy and opens me to endless possibilities.
Above all, I am happily married to the most beautiful and amiable damsel (lizzy) that believes so much in me and has been quite encouraging and supportive in my quest to fulfilling my desire as an outstanding Artist

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